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Eye for an Eye

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Eye for an Eye

Post  Jason Storm on Wed May 20, 2015 12:00 am

“Adrenaline” by Shinedown blares out of the PA system as the group of Jason Storm, Motorhead, and Yasmine, who is slightly limping, walks down the ramp. The cheers overwhelm the boos from the crowd as the bunch slide into the ring. Jason walks over to the side towards the announcers and motions towards one of the crew members. Few seconds later a man rushes to the side and hands Jason and microphone before returning to the middle of the ring between both Yasmine and Motorhead. The music stops playing.

Jason Storm: “So this is how you wanna play James….coming in and blinding siding Yasmine while Scardex ‘distracts’ the referee. Pathetic….that is what it is I tell you.”

A large uproar of clapping breaks out throughout the arena.

Jason Storm: “I guess that is the only way that Scardex could have beaten Yasmine. Meh…makes since. Someone as weak as Scardex can only dream about beating Yasmine…or anyone else for that matter. But what is done is done. Not like we can go back and change the outcome of the match. But honestly, no offense taken Yas…”

Jason motions towards Yasmine’s direction.

Jason Storm: “It wasn’t that big a match with anything on the line….”

Jason is cut off by James Dean's music blasting out of the arena sound system. After a few seconds of the music playing, both James Dean and Scardex gently stroll out to the beat of the music. James, carrying a microphone in hand,  steps in front of Scardex and stares directly at Jason.

James Dean: “Boo hoo hoo. That is what you bunch sound like right now to me. WHO…THE…HELL…CARES.”

The crowd starts booing at James.

James Dean: “See, you sound exactly like them.”

James motions around the arena which only makes the crowd boo louder.

James Dean: “You need to understand this from a business aspect. A win is a win…no matter how it occurs. They are all counted the same. When you get to our skill level…this is something you will understand. But, for now, I guess you are too simple minded to understand it from the business side.”

Jason Storm: “Business? Since when is cheating part of the business plan? Last time I checked these people in this arena paid there good hard money to watch the best athlete’s on the planet compete head to head to see who the better man is. They did not sign up to see you viciously attack Yasmine while Scardex distracts the referee.”

James Dean: “Well let me stop you there again kid. We honestly don’t give a damn what these people here want to see. It is all about that money and these fans don’t sign my checks now do they? Hmm….do they now Jason? That is what I thought. We don’t really care about….."

Jason Storm: “Stop right now. I am starting to get irritated by your voice Jamie boy. Like I would rather hear someone scratch their nails on a chalkboard then here you continue to speak right now. To bring up a point you just said about not giving a damn about these fans. Without these fans then this company sells no tickets, with no tickets, that means no money. So when you blabber on about the crowd not the ones signing your checks, that is pretty much false.”

James Dean: “Yada yada yada…big whoop. We still beat you this week and we will continue to show you why the veterans of this company will always be better than the new generation of so the called ‘superstars’ for ages and ages to come.”

Jason Storm: “Beat us…I wouldn’t call that beating us. But if that is who you want to play ball, then we can play ball with you guys. See, unlike the Scardex and Yasmine match not having anything on the line besides bragging rights…you sir…your matches against Magic Matt tonight is far more important. I believe if you win that you advance onto the next round of the World Heavyweight Championship tournament.”

The crowd beings to cheer as they start to understand the plan that Jason is forming on the spot.

James Dean: “DON’T YOU DARE INTERFER WITH MY MATCH! I have been waiting far too long for an opportunity to finally win my first AXN Heavyweight title.”

Jason Storm: “It sure would be a shame if something happened during your match that would cause you to somehow lose your one and only shot at the title for some time now.”

The crowd erupts into cheers and they all start mocking James Dean and Scardex.

Jason Storm: “Now run along now little Jimmie, you got yourself a match to prepare for mate….”

Jason lowers his voice and muffles it as to try and avoid James and Scardex from hearing.

Jason Storm: “But it’s not going to make a difference.”

James Dean is visible upset by what Jason has told him as he starts talking with Scardex standing behind him.

Jason Storm: “Get to it James, you don’t have all night!”

James walks off the ramp towards the backstage flustered. Jason, Motorhead, and Yasmine all convene in the middle of the ring and talk plans over before leaving as their music starts playing though the sound system again. The screen fades to black.      
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