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Riding the Waves

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Riding the Waves

Post  Guest on Fri May 15, 2015 11:13 pm

The camera fades in, showing Candy Kane standing with a mic in the interview area.

Candy: Hello everyone! At this time, join me in welcoming the Wave-meister General, Tidal Waves!

Tidal Waves walks into view, carrying his trademark surfboard.

Candy: Last week, you attempted to take AXN by storm in your debut...and some might argue you did with your words. But in your match against La Croix, you were easily dispatched...

Tidal doesn't seem to be paying much attention, being more focused on checking Candy out.

Tidal: Heya little lady, anyone ever tell ya you look totally awesome? Maybe after the show we can go get some fish tacos.

Candy: Oh, sorry. I'm not really interested...I'm in love with the job too much to have for a boyfriend.

Tidal flinches back in a completely over dramatic way.

Tidal: OH, how your word hurt, as much as totally beefing it on a gnarly wave...but all the great surfers know to simply get your board back and try again on the next wave...which is what I'm gonna do this week. I might have beefed it against the french fry last week, but I still have some high flying vibes and smooth moves to dish out to my opponent this week.

Candy: About seems like no one really knows who your opponent is. The only hint we have is that it's someone from your past.

Tidal: Well, considering I can't even remember what I had for breakfast this morning, that could be anyone...even the onion ring I fought last week! Still, even if it's a giant pancake, I'll teach it how to follow the waves and to follow the flow!....hmmm....was it pancakes? or waffles...?

Tidal appears to take a moment to think about it. After a few awkward seconds, he appears to give up.

Tidal: Anyway, whoever it is, I'll show him exactly why they call me The Wave-Meister General. Ladies and Gentle-dudes, surf's up! And it's showtime!

With that, Tidal Waves wanders off. The camera fades to black.


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