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On the same page

Post  Guest on Fri May 15, 2015 5:11 pm

Back in the locker room where Wicked Sick is preparing for the match.

Flamegth: Hey Wicked,seems like we are tag partners today.

Wicked: Yea,I guess,I've heard of you before.What do you want from me?

Flamegth: You know,the usual stuff,like being on the same page and all.
*Wicked starts laughing.*
Wicked: Hahahaha,I didn't expect you to be the type to care about these kind of things.

Flamegth: I...

Flamegth: I guess you're right,I should care less about others and more about myself.Whatever,just don't get in my way.

Wicked: Don't worry man,we'll do just fine.

Flamegth: Oh I heard that before...

Flamegth: Getting used for others "greatness".
*Flamegth leaves the locker room.*
Wicked: Ha,funny guy.

Andy Samberg:That was an interesting exchange,it will be quite the tag match tonight.


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