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Omerta debut (put before entrance to match against Cpt Falcon)

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Omerta debut (put before entrance to match against Cpt Falcon)

Post  Guest on Thu May 14, 2015 8:31 am

The lights black out around the arena as a red flickering ring appears in the centre of the titantron
The skull masked face of Omerta appears

Omerta: So I hear there's who considers himself an embodiment of justice itself.

Omerta chuckles as the titantron flickers back to the red ring and back again to his face

Omerta:..and it would seem that such a man is my opponent first blood...

The titantron flickers violently between sinister images

Omerta:...we will see if this man is a worthy champion of madame justice..or if I will be his omeegaa..

The titantron flickers into the effect of a burning tape to the sound of Omerta's laughter as the lights brighten

After a moment of crowd commotion the song Omerta by Lamb of God explodes from the speakers as Omerta makes his way to the ring slowly, observing the crowd.

It would make sense to have this before Captain Falcon's entrance


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