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New Generation

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New Generation

Post  Jason Storm on Wed May 13, 2015 11:11 pm

The camera fades from black and we see the backstage of the AXN Arena. The camera pans to the right and we see numerous employees hustling around to get things in order for the rest of the night. People are moving tables, carrying bags and moving chairs. From the left side of the screen, we see Jason Storm come walking in wearing his normal wrestling attire. Behind him, an unknown person follows him wearing nearly the same outfit as Jason. The two men look to be talking to each other, walking in sync with one another.

Jason Storm: “And this is the backstage of the arena. This is where all of the behind the scene action takes place.”

Jason starts pointing at random places.

Jason Storm: “Over there is the interview area, and over here is the dressing rooms. Oh, and through that door and down the hall is the restrooms. But that is pretty much all that is back here that you would need to know.”

Unknown Man: “Thanks Jason, I think I know my way around this place now.”

Jason Storm: “No problem Motorhead, new guys need to stick together.”

Motorhead: “Agreed, can’t let the old school guys think us newbies don’t know our way around this place.”

Jason Storm: “I don’t really care what the ‘elderly’ really think about. I’m not there to please them, I am here to win my matches and carry some gold…eventually.”

Motorhead: “Shouldn’t we respect them at least? You know, since they sculpted this company back a few years ago.”

Jason stops walking and looks at Motorhead.

Jason Storm: “Listen, in my book, respect isn’t given…it is earned. As for what these veterans have done for this company, I applaud them for that. But that, that is all I will give them. If they want my respect then the damn well better respect me.”

Motorhead: “That’s understandable and I respect that. Now, can you show me where the rest of the lockers are? Need to drop off my bags and other stuff.”

Jason and Motorhead head down the hallway directly to the left the screen. As they walk down the dark passageway, the camera follows them. As they continue to walk down, laughter can be heard from behind them. Jason and Motorhead both turn around to see Scardex and James Dean laughing and pointing fingers in their general direction.

Motorhead: “Are they laughing at us?”

Jason Storm: “For their sake, they better hope not.”

Jason and Motorhead make their way to the still laughing couple of James and Scardex. Once there, both of the men try to contain their laughter.

Jason Storm: “Something funny here mate?”

Scardex and James break out in laughter again.

Scardex: “This kid….I can’t even handle it anymore James, you take it from here.”

James Dean: “I believe what my associate was trying to inform you is that you are just that…a kid. He finds it funny as to why management let a bunch of kids run around in our workspace. This isn’t a playground or a daycare you know.”

Jason Storm: “Well…me and MY associate here are in fact not what you call “kids”. By the way you are acting, it appears as if you my friends are the kids in this situation. Acting like a bunch of children gossiping behind peoples back around the jungle gym during recces.”

James stops laughing and stops leaning on the wall behind him.

James Dean: “What did you just say?”

Motorhead: “I believe Jason said you were the ones being children.”

Scardex also stops laughing and takes a step closer to Jason and Motorhead.  

Scardex: “Don’t you know who were are? We are legends in this company. If it wasn’t for us, you two wouldn’t even be here.”

Jason Storm: “Legends…no. Ancient…yes. I am surprised you people are even able to move at your age. I guess you could call that a win couldn’t you?”

James takes a step closer to Jason as Jason does the same towards James.

James Dean: “You have a lot tenacity to say that to my face kid. You better be watching your mouth before I watch it for you ‘mate’.”

Jason Storm: “You don’t know how scared I am right now.”

Jason and Motorhead start laughing. Scardex and James start looking at each other than at Jason and Motorhead.

Scardex: “You know what James? Why don’t we just show them exactly who we are and what we are cable of doing? Hmm, doesn’t that sound like a solid plan?”

James Dean: “You know what Scar that sounds like a marvelous plan. We can think of it as hazing the newbies.”

Jason Storm: “If you want to do it, then let’s do it then…right now.”

All four men square up as if they are about to start a backstage brawl when all of a sudden a lovely woman’s voice is heard off camera.

Woman: “Typical, a bunch of tough shots here thinking they are better than the rest. You men are all the same.”

All four men look at each other confused.

Jason Storm: “And you are?”

Woman: “Oh me, my friends call me Yas, you bunch can call me Yasmine.”

James Dean: “Can we help you with something…we are kinda in a thing right now?”

Yasmine: “I was just strolling along when I heard a ruckus back here and came to see what it was all about. Oh and also, GM also wants to see you two.”

Yasmine points at James and Scardex.

Yasmine: “Think it has something to do with contracts and what not…seemed important. Best be running off now so you don’t upset the boss.”

James and Scardex start walking off screen before turning around.

James Dean: “Till next time Jason.”

James does one of those tacky waves towards Jason as both men walk of screen.

Yasmine: “Finally, they are gone.”

Motorhead: “We had that under control you know?”

Yasmine: “Of course you did sugar, from my perspective it looked as if you were itching for a fight with some of the vets of AXN. That is not what we need for our cause.”

Jason Storm:  “Our cause?”

Yasmine: “You know…our cause…new generation versus old school. This company needs a spark of life and we are exactly what it needs. Not these old, shriveled up fighters like James or Scardex. This company needs more people like us. If we three stick together, we could make big changes here in AXN. We could be the faces of this company in a matter of a few weeks.”

Jason and Motorhead look at each other.

Motorhead: “You know what, you are right.”

Jason Storm: “This company needs us ‘newbies’ to be successful. We are the future of AXN!”

With that, all three participants stare at each other as the screen fades to black.
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Re: New Generation

Post  Johnny Zero on Thu May 14, 2015 11:22 am

This RP was so colourful!
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Re: New Generation

Post  Jason Storm on Thu May 14, 2015 12:14 pm

5 people were in it Razz
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Re: New Generation

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