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About Time

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About Time

Post  Guest on Tue May 12, 2015 4:34 pm

The camera fades in and Hieu is seen walking down the hall backstage. He is still dressed in his suit and comes up on the door to AXN GM Shepherd Blue's office. He knocks and comes in after hearing a response.

Shepherd: Well, well, well. I see you found your way here alright. Have a seat. How are you doing?

Hieu takes a seat across from Shepherd

Hieu: I'm alright.

Shepherd: So I suppose you have something you want to say to me?

Hieu: I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity.

Shep: It's all about the business. As I'm sure you know, I've been doing this for a long time and I know what sells. You were big before you disappeared. The fans loved you and I respect that. How well will you do while you're here? I guess that's up to you....and me.

Hieu: I can respect that. But I hope you weren't planning on just capitalizing on my name recognition. I didn't come back just to be a poster child for you and make you money. I came back to prove that I still got it. I'm here for some gold.

At this time, a familiar face appears in the doorway

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Re: About Time

Post  Tom Midas on Tue May 12, 2015 5:18 pm

Tom Midas walks into Shep's and not at first noticing Hieu, begins speaking directly to Shep.

Tom: "So Shep I wanted to talk to you about my match tonight, I thi- WOAH."

Tom, having noticed Hieu turn around in his chair, runs up to him, almost like a giddy child, and pulls him up and into a hug.

Tom: "It's been a long time man. Almost two years If I remember right, eh?"

As Tom releases his hug he looks at Hieu, almost unable to take in the fact this is real.

Tom: "We need to find Tidu- err Tidal! The band's almost back together, you don't know how great it is to see you again man."

Tom notices Shep again, and then rubs the back of his head and laughs awkwardly.

Tom: "Oh, I guess you wanted to talk to Shep first, sorry man, but still... we need to get together after the show, okay?"

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Re: About Time

Post  Guest on Tue May 12, 2015 11:17 pm

Hieu: (smiles) It has definitely been too long. I'll come find you after the show and we can grab "Tidal" and catch up. But before all that, I have some business I need to bring up with our GM here. I'll catch you later.

Hieu and Tom hug again before Tom exits and Hieu takes his seat again

Shep: You girls done? You sure you don't want to give him a kiss?

Hieu: Cute. But how about you go back to doing what you do best, business.

Shep: Fine. What is this business you want to talk about?

Hieu: Like I said earlier, I'm here for gold. You already know what I have done and what I am capable of so I want a shot.

Shep: No.

Hieu: That's it? You're just going to say no?

Shep: I don't think that's best for AXN. But you know what, I'll give you a chance to change my mind. You have a match tonight against someone you'll recognize. We'll see how you do and go from there.

Hieu: Fine.

Hieu gets up and leaves Shepherd's office as the camera zooms in on Shep who is smirking before fading to black.


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Re: About Time

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