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GermanAinor's Debut rp.

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GermanAinor's Debut rp.

Post  Guest on Sun May 10, 2015 8:34 am

The camera fades out for a second and suddenly you can see a masked guy standing in front of the camera.. he is nearly licking it..

Masked man: My name is Drago! You maybe know me from an indy organisation..

Drago laughs

Drago: I just slaughtered my opponents.. one Piledriver here, one Powerbomb there and a German Lock there. 

Drago laughs even louder

Drago: and today.. im gonna search a new victim muhahahah.

The camera fades out and you can see Dej giving an interview.

Dej: Later on tonight Drago will give his debut match, he can prove himself to me and show the world if hes tough enough for the big bussiness. We all can see either the reign or the destr..

Suddenly the lights are turned off.

Dej asks shoked: What's going on here?!

A dark voice: Later.. later..  i will give you a taste of doomness! Muhahah
TODAY.. i will start my Destruction.. TODAY is the day where you are going to see the lord.. TODAY i'm going to CRUSH YOU!

The lights turn on again and Drago stands in front of Dej, turning his head to the left side.. to the right side.. suddenly he stops. The arena gets dark and a loud scream can be heared. The light goes on again and Dej stands at a Hot Dog stand

Dej: Thats was weird.. I really need to eat something.

Dej: 2 Hot Dogs please!

You can hear the same scream like before, Dej looks around
Dej: Man.. its beginning to be scary now..

Suddenly Drago stands at the Hot Dog stand instead of the Hot Dog seller


You can hear a loud scream again, Drago disappears and Dej is standing there like he saw a ghost.

A cameraman called Bill stands above Dej

Bill: Yo Dej, wake up, you were shouting.. i think you had a bad dream!

Dej: This all.. was just a... DREAM?

Bill: Well, yes. You shouted leave me already Drago.. We heared like you were screaming and we tought it's may better to wake you up.

Dej: Yes.. thank you alot.

The lights suddenly are black

Dej: This can't be real.. i must still dreaming.. nothing can happen to me..

Dark Voice: No.. This is REAL! 

The lights get bright again and Drago stands infront of Dej..

Drago: Today is the day.. be careful Dej.. you never know what happens and what can happens to you.. even if noone is there..

Dej looks shoked

Dej: W-what do you mean?

Drago: You.. your family.. THE TIME COMES!

The camera fades out and you can hear Drago laughing

Can we make drago and dej in different colours?
Drago in grey and Dej in green or so

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