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A starting point

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A starting point

Post  Emily Scott on Fri May 08, 2015 4:00 pm

The scene opens with dark haired women standing side on to the camera. She is wearing a long grey coat that goes down to floor, hiding her figure, and she is holding a phone to her ear.

Unknown woman: I am in, they have given me a trial period, but the main thing is I am in......
No I don't want you to make a call.....
We discussed this....
Listen, I said I wanted to do this my way, so just trust me...
I got to go, looks like someone wants to talk to me..

The woman quickly puts the phone in her pocket as Candy walks into shot.

Candy: Did I hear you just say you have a trial here?

The woman purses her lips as Candy, pouting slightly.

Woman: Don't you know its rude to listen to other people's conversations?

Candy gets a little flustered at the question, her cheeks getting pink as she struggles to compose herself.

Candy: Sorry it's just that....

Candy finds herself interrupted by the sound of laughter, as the woman facing her struggles to hide her mirth.

Woman: I am sorry, I couldn't resist my dear.
First, yes you heard correctly, I do have a trial here and secondly, let me introduce myself.
My name is Emily Scott, and I am looking forward to showing the AXN fans what I am capable of.

Candy: Well Emily nice to meet you. Can I ask what is it you hope to achieve here at AXN?

Emily: Achieve? The same thing that every aspiring wrestler aims for, to be the best.
There may be some who are here just for the money or to use this place as a stepping stone, but they will fall to the wayside.
I am here for the long run, and it does not matter how many times I get knocked down, just that I will always get back up.

Candy: Sorry but I have to ask, is that a British accent? And you know there are some big names here, it wont be easy to get to the top.

Emily: Yes, it is a British accent, not that it is important. And yes, I know it won't be easy, but if you listen carefully you can hear it...

Candy: Hear what?

Emily slow leans in, close enough that Candy can feel her breath on her cheek as she whispers, just loud enough for the camera to capture.

Emily:My destiny calling....

Before Candy can say anything else, Emily turns and walks off camera and the shot fades out.
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