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The Waves are Back!

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The Waves are Back!

Post  Guest on Thu Apr 30, 2015 11:08 am

The camera is doing a wide shot over the ring and the crowd when All Star by Smash Mouth starts to play over the speakers in the arena.

Rhydian Jones: Ugh, that music...where are we, in a childrens' movie series that's been run into the ground? What's the next match supposed to be?

Andy Samburg: Looks like...Doctor Le Croix vs...Tidal Waves? That's a name. Both of those are names.

Rhydian: Well, I'm quite sure that a fellow doctor would never come out to such silly music so I can only assume that it belongs to the other guy...

By this point, A young man with blond hair with a surf board and a mic is making his way towards the ring. Once he makes it to ringside, he leans the board against a turnbuckle post and then rolls into the ring. The crowd is...confused.

Tidal Waves: WHAT'S UP, BRAS!

Complete silence

Rhydian: Oh god...

Andy: He seems energetic. I like him.

Tidal: Finally, the Waves have come back! wherever I am right now! I'm not entirely sure, but that's not important. What is important is for you totally righteous dudes and dudettes to get a gnarly history lesson on the Waves-meister!

Rhydian: Why do I get the feeling that this is about to be incredibly stupid...

Tidal: I wanted to become a wrestler to give me something to do while the surf was down and it looked totally awesome! So I started training under this totally ghastly dude to learn. He was nice enough but he cramped my style so after a bit, we went our separate ways. I wrestled in many places but I don't really remember the names. They usually ended with the building exploding or burning down though. After the last time, I decided to take a break to get back to my surfing. I had an awesome time until some guy who said he knew me...Tim I think?, asked me to come back. When I asked from where I knew him, he said something about a slime, a goth, a nightmare and a spirit? I don't really remember but it sounded cool and something I'd do so I believed him. So here I am!

Rhydian: I think I just lost some IQ points.

Andy: Really? I understood all of that perfectly.

Tidal: I got a match next so it's time to show you what I can do! It's gonna take more than a french fry doctor to cramp my style! Ladies and Gentle-dudes, IT'S SHOWTIME!

Tidal Waves tosses the mic and gets ready for his opponent. Some of the crowd seems to have been entertained and cheer for him

Rhydian:...A french fry doctor?

Andy: Looks like he has quite the personality. Now it's time to see if he has the skills. Tidal Waves vs Doctor La Croix, up next!

AXN cuts to commercial before the match.


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Re: The Waves are Back!

Post  Magic Matt Malone on Thu Apr 30, 2015 4:51 pm

I loved this RP so freakin much

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