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A Return or Two

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A Return or Two

Post  Tom Midas on Fri Apr 24, 2015 11:24 am

After 6 months away from TV screens, we finally return back to the Wrestledome, we finally return to AXN! The camera fades into color as the familiar face that is Shepherd Blue is sitting in his office, working on some papers, and even though it is a somewhat menial part of his job, he's grateful it's the job he has once again. He is shaken from the paperwork as he hears his office door being knocked one, two, three times, opening before he can reply. The figure is masked by the somewhat interesting choice in lighting of the office.

Shepherd: "Hello there, I'm sure I know what brings you here."

???: "I should be saying hello to you as well, Shep. And we both knew that we'd eventually have to meet face to face, not through agents or skype meetings, etc."

The figure sits down, revealing his face to the camera. The video feed switches over to the ringside area, where a decent portion of the crowd gasps. This man, Tom Midas, was a somewhat well known individual in the matters of wrestling promotions himself.

Shepherd: "I was aware of that, I had however, assumed that you'd of given me a week to set things back on the path before we had to unfortunately close before you walked into my office."

Tom shrugs and throws his arm over his chair, causing Shepherd to sign in mild annoyance at Tom's un-professionalism.

Tom: "Look, I didn't come to bother you or anything. All I did was invest money my father gave me to never talk to him again into a then struggling promotion. I'm not gonna pretend I know more on how to run a promotion than you Shepherd, but that also doesn't mean that my majority holding position in AXN's stock is only a sign of good faith. I want to know what's happening to my money every step along the way. If you think this is overstepping boundaries, sorry."

Shepherd shakes his head, but then he pulls out a specific paper from his stack, and shows it to Tom.

Shepherd: "I already reluctantly accepted your request to be a member of my roster, and have had to deal with individuals, both wrestlers and the board of directors, that this might lead to potential bias in favor of you. So I want to remind you that whilst you might have stock here, -my- word is final."

Tom just nods, before grabbing the contract from Shepherd and setting it aside.

Tom: "That's understandable Shep, it really is. I'm not here to thrust my clout around. I'm fine with just being a wrestler and not the head honcho. That being said, I have a simple request."

Shepherd sighs, knowing this wont end well, but he waves his arm, in a motion to tell Tom to get on with it.

Tom: "So I know you want to make an impact in the return of AXN. I suggest that you hold a tournament between 8 individuals, four matches tonight to bring it down to four, then a match the next two weeks, and at the PPV, the two finalists have an Ironman match for the World Heavyweight Championship. Folks love tournaments. What do you say, Shep?"

Shepherd ponders Tom's suggestion for a moment before nodding cautiously.

Shepherd: "I assume you want to be placed in the tournament as well? If so I'm not gonna hold back on who you have to face."

Tom grins, but then reaches his hand out across the table, waiting for Shepherd to return the action.

Tom: "I work for what I achieve Shep, don't worry. I'm not gonna try and take shortcuts like some individuals..."

Shepherd, at that reassurance, takes Tom's hand and shakes it, the look on his face however still showing doubt.

Tom: "That being said, don't expect -me- to hold back when it comes to who I have to face either, Shep."

As they release their handshake, Tom strolls out of the office, closing the door behind him as Shepherd sighs again as he goes back to his paperwork.
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