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Turning up the heat

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Turning up the heat

Post  Loiz Wesseldine on Mon Apr 25, 2016 11:36 am

The camera pans on a lovely sunny day at the beach. The birds flying, people tanning, hot women wearing flashy bikinis that leave little to the imagination running around, jocks tossing the pig skin around, a bunch of kids licking their ice cream of their sugar coated cones; fun everywhere. Everything is as perfect as a day on the beach could be.

The camera now focuses on a man making his way from the beach, saltwater dripping from his shoulder length hair that he flips back by jerking his head backwards causing a spray of water that refracts the light from the bright sun in a way that causes every drop in the air to glint like diamonds for a while, as he comes closer to the camera the camera seems to scan him over, ultimately stopping on the man's well formed abs.

La Candencia: "Like what you see seƱorita?" the man asks in a thick Hispanic accent.

The mans hands get into the shot and gestures to focus higher.

La Candencia: "My face, if you're interested is up here."

The man's face fills the camera for a while then the camera pans out to show the man's profile and the beautiful scenery behind him. A possible post card with a terribly naughty theme women would like to get.

La Candencia: "Beautiful eh? This is America! The land of opportunity, of freedom, of glory, of dinero. Most of all though, of pretty lovely chickas such as your self. And that etiqueta, uhh logo, on yer top says RXN. The wrestling company eh? Well this works for the both of us! I've seen your shows and what you need in the show, as a change to the dull big men you seem to have a fascination for, is an authentic luchador. And not just any luchador, a luchador who has the looks, body and talent that I do."

Audible exhilarated exclamation from a group of women who are out of the screen can be heard. The man looks into their direction and blows a kiss at them. Excited shrieking erupts from the same crowd. The bravest of the group, a bottle blonde beauty of about 21 dresses in a see through cover up that failed to do that for the leopard print two piece bikini she had on, runs up to the man and hugs him while exclaiming.

Girl: "OMG! You are just so Hot. You know, like uh, white hot!"

The man pushes the girl back gently and waves her away.

La Candencia: "You've had your fun chicka. Now you may go."

The man waves the group goodbye and shakes his head as he brings his hands to his waste making several audible tisks. He looks deliberately into the camera, a smile on his face and begins to address those viewing.

La Candencia: "You hear that RXN? And you chickas watching this too. This sexy luchador is coming your way! Get your collective heads ready to be blown away by the sheer awesomeness brought to you by . . . uhh . . . White Hot? Hmm. La Candencia! Because I'm coming to turn up the heat!"
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