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The Rising Sun

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The Rising Sun

Post  Daitezen on Sat Apr 23, 2016 1:52 pm

We cut to a scene, the ruins of a bygone age, a castle, ruined by the centuries of time. Walls crumbling, moss growing... lost and abandoned to time. The sun begins to rise on the horizon, casting a red tinted light over the scene.

Voice: Red sky in the morning, shepherds warning.

Voice 2: You're not out to pasture quite yet.

There is a pause, then laughter. We cannot see the origin of the voices, but the first is strong. A man's voice, deep, assured. The second, a lighter tone, playful, and heavily accented, comes from a woman.

Voice: Not exactly what I was getting at. The beginning is always the most dangerous part. The dawn after the darkness. The first step along a new path. Not knowing what's ahead, only what has already come to pass.

Voice 2: But it's exciting too, a new time and place, new opportunities.

Voice: That's part of the danger, it's easy to get your hopes up. Life is hard, and this business is harder.

Another pause, a silent one this time. The camera begins to move, closer to the voices, moving in between the ruined walls.

Voice: But I do admit, I'm eager to get back to the ring in the big time. No offence intended, but gaijins have it tough in Japan. The US has many more opportunities for me, and for you too I'm sure.

Voice 2: The young have it almost as hard as the foreigners. And given the situation, I appreciate you bringing me on for the ride. You've put yourself in danger for me.

The first voice turns more serious now, with an edge of concern.

Voice: I know what these people are like. You've always got to have at least one person in your corner who you can trust Teruko, and it's in both of our interests that we make this run a success.

There's another moments pause.

Voice: And there is as much danger ahead of us as there is behind us.

Teruko: *sigh* I wish you weren't right. But is it wrong of me to try to forget that, at least...

The camera moves through a narrow stone opening, and turns. Sat in the corner, resting against the wall, looking tired, are the two figures. Both react strongly, just for a moment interrupted at this sight and then relax. The man looks intense, ready to fight, while the woman looks scared, but both fade.

Voice: You really have to do this now?

A third voice speaks from behind the camera.

Camera man: Daitezen, this is a great place to get some footage for the promo. Action shots, images for the press, it'll be brilliant.

Daitezen: I told you we'd meet you at the airport. This isn't safe, how on earth did you even find us?

Camera man: GPS tracking on your phone, we thought you got lost and...

Daitezen: GPS tracking. What on earth is wrong with you guys? Please tell me you weren't followed.

Camera man: What do you mean followed? I...

An escalating noise interrupts. The sound of an engine accelerating loudly screams through the air, as Daitezen and Teruko jump up to their feet. Daitezen pushes Teruko towards the exit, and she breaks off in to a sprint. Daitezen follows, bundling past the camera man who staggers.

Daitezen: Run, now.

The command barked at the camera man is immediately adhered to, as he turns and runs, the footage shaking wildly. He tries to follow Daitezen, but is already struggling for breath as they dart between the crumbling stone walls. The noise continues to get louder, drowning out almost everything else. Daitezen ducks beneath an archway, the camera man follows, but stumbles to the ground, the camera tumbling.

We see the camera man's face, confused and fearful as he picks up the camera again, and as he lifts it, in the distance we see a black car, driving dangerously, heading towards Teruko, who seems caught in the glare of its headlights. Daitezen is sprinting in her direction, but isn't close enough. As the vehicle reaches Teruko, she quickly rolls out of the way, as it plows in to a wall, which crashes to the ground in a pile of dust and rubble.

Daitezen quickly reaches Teruko, and pulls her to her feet, as the camera lurches side to side, and we hear the camera man speak to himself.

Camera man: ******* **** **** I have to hide, ****.

The camera man staggers, as the doors to the car open, and a man begins to step out, smartly dressed, pushing against the rubble, trying to get free.

Camera man: **** **** ****

Daitezen charges at the car, slamming the door against the man, his head cracking against the frame. The man pushes back on the door, but it is slammed against his head again, this time the glass breaking as his head and torso smash through it. From the other side of the car, two other men get out, and run round towards Daitezen, who turns to face them.

Camera man: I've got to get this... ****

The camera moves closer to the action.

Daitezen picks up and tosses the first man against the boot of the car with a crash. The second pulls out a nightstick, and takes a swing at Daitezen from the side, making contact with his left shoulder. Daitezen flinches, but counters with a powerful right fist, striking the man in the face, and he staggers back a step.

Teruko approaches the man in the car, still stuck and struggling to get free of the door frame, blood dripping down his face. She swings a roundhouse kick, and his nose breaks, crumpling in to his face, as he falls back in to the car, roaring in pain. She slams the door shut, before picking up and tossing a stone brick through the broken window. There is a grunt, and then a silence, which is quickly broken by Daitezen shouting.

Daitezen: You guys really need to give up already.

Daitezen is slowly retreating now, avoiding the swings of the nightstick wielding man baring down on him. The man on the car boot gets up, and runs at Daitezen, looking to catch him of guard. As they collide, Daitezen, in one fluid motion, spins and tosses the man in to the path of a swinging nightstick, catching him on the back of the head, and he slumps to the ground unconscious. Surprised momentarily at hitting him, he doesn't notice that Daitezen has continued to circle, and grabs him in a chokehold. Daitezen's arms wrap tightly around his neck, as he struggles to break the hold. Daitezen's eyes lock with the camera.

Daitezen: Hey, get over here. You wanted action didn't you.

The camera man, still shaking, makes his way slowly towards Daitezen. The camera looks down at the unconscious man at his feet, over to the car from which Teruko is making her way towards them, and then finally on Daitezen, and the man he is choking. Daitezen stares down the lens, a focused expression of anger on his face.

Daitezen: You see this, this is what happens to anyone who challenges me. I don't care what you think is owed, what pound of flesh you think to extract from us, it's not going to happen. I don't back down. I don't stop fighting. So call back your goons, or...

Daitezen tosses the now unconscious man to the ground.

Daitezen: I'll break them. I'll cut the cords on the puppets, let their limp limbs fall to the floor, then break them up for kindling.

Daitezen pauses for a moment.

Daitezen: Come to think of it, a little fire's what we need right now.

Daitezen grins, then picks up one of the men from the ground.

Teruko: What are you doing Daitezen?

Daitezen: Sending a message. Bring the other one along, we're going to have some fun.

Teruko shrugs, then starts dragging the other man along, following Daitezen to the bonnet of the car. The camera continues to follow them, watching the scene unfold. Daitezen picks the first man up by the neck, then chokeslams him in to the stone covered bonnet, caving in to it. Teruko grins, climbs on the bonnet of the car, and motions for Daitezen to lift him. He does, she puts her arm around the back of his neck, then jumps backwards, executing a DDT. Blood smears down the bonnet as the second man slides slowly off the front, in to a pile of rocks.

Daitezen: Anyone got a lighter?

Teruko: Unfortunately not.

Daitezen looks at the camera.

Camera man: N-n-n-not me. Sorry. I gave up smoking months ago.

Daitezen sighs.

Daitezen: Good for your health I guess, and better for theirs.

Daitezen shakes his head.

Daitezen: And here was I thinking you wanted some action for a promo. Walking away from a big explosion in the middle of this scenery would make a great feature.

In the background, Teruko is rooting through the jacket pockets of the unconscious men. She doesn't find a lighter, but does pull out a small, locked, mahogany box. She shrugs, and pockets it.

Teruko: Looks like today's not going to be our day.

Daitezen smiles.

Daitezen: Today's the day we get out of here, and fly off half way around the world. To compete in the ring in the biggest stage of them all. Over that distance, even they will think twice about trying to follow. It's a good day...

Daitezen's smile fades.

Daitezen: Assuming our friend here has a car. I don't fancy a long walk after all of that.

Camera man: I do, it's just a short work over there...  please just let's get out of here. And maybe just get one shot for the promo so I don't get fired.

Daitezen sighs, then nods.

The camera fades on the image of Daitezen and Teruko walking towards the rising sun.

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Re: The Rising Sun

Post  Johnny Zero on Mon Apr 25, 2016 5:57 am

This was intense. To say the least.
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