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Time to Finish Him...(mention: Stitchaz, Management)

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Time to Finish Him...(mention: Stitchaz, Management)

Post  Grave X on Thu Apr 21, 2016 5:59 pm

The arena turns to a dark blue lighting

"All the Rowboats" (Instrumental) by Regina Spektor plays over the speakers

The titantron shows a match approaching a candle, and just as the match touches the wick, the titantron turns off

A candle light is seen at the center of the arena

Grave X: Good evening...

Grave X:...tonight, it is the night that I have been waiting for all month...the Special Show!

Claps from the audience fill the arena

Grave X: Shutup! You morons will not speak! As I was saying...tonight, I finally get to crush Stitchaz once and for all, Management gave me that much. However, I asked for a No DQ match, and I didn't get one! All I've been asking for since Week 1 has been a No DQ match, and I can't even get that? [censored] that! I'll show management. Maybe, maybe, I should just crush Stitchaz AFTER the match. Management can't stop me then, huh? I'll flip Stitchaz upside-down like I have so many times before, then smash his skull into the mat, just like I did with him so many times before. I'll crush Stitchaz, and you can most certainly count on that.

Grave X: As much as I would love to just go on and on to you fans, I've actually got training to do, because we ALL know that you guys came to see MY match, and I have to be at 100% for that, don't I? We wouldn't want Stitchaz to crawl away with a win, now would we?

Grave X: Until then...

Grave X:...Adieu.

X blows out the candle
Grave X

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