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Frankie's Dreams Are Almost A Reality

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Frankie's Dreams Are Almost A Reality

Post  Frankie O'Donald on Thu Apr 21, 2016 9:00 am

Frankie O'Donald is seen sitting in his locker with his ring gear on, all of a sudden, he looks in the mirror, and begins to talk to himself.

Frankie O'Donald: You've made it, Frankie.. you've made it to the PPV.. and you're about to compete in this rumble.. no matter how many times you've been punished, no matter how many guys you've helped.. it's all about you.. you've got to do it for yourself, you're alone now..

Frankie looks over to his burnt spiked bat, sitting in the corner, along with Frankie's own made gravestone for the weapon.

Frankie O'Donald: Hang in there Spikez.. as soon as i'm done tonight, not only will I win the rumble, I will take home the RXN Championship..

Frankie stands up, and warms up for his match, as he opens the door to leave, he looks back at his burnt spiked bat.

Frankie O'Donald:-Frankie sighs-Stay tuned...

Frankie leaves his locker.
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