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Suspension motivates me

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Suspension motivates me

Post  Frankie O'Donald on Wed Apr 20, 2016 12:35 pm

The cameras cut to Frankie O'Donald standing in the middle of Times Square in New York, Frankie is seen wearing his famed 'ENERGY' T-shirt and a pair of jeans.

Frankie O'Donald: So, here I am, right here in the heart of America if my geography is correct! I am standing right here, in Times Square, New York, now I know, a lot of you are thinking 'Oh Frankie, shouldn't you be in the arena?' or maybe 'Oh Frankie, shouldn't you be competing?', well, I have the answer to all of that, this week, I got barred from being in the arena, you know why? If you saw last weeks RXN, I nearly KILLED a member of the damn creative team, because I was put in a tag match with Setangerine.. oh, i'm sorry, it's Setango.. oh.. I mean.. ugh, forget it..

Fans laugh at Frankie's 'accidental' mess-up of Setanta's name.

Frankie O'Donald: Anyway.. here's the deal.. I'm here in times square to show you a little something, hey.. come along, don't be shy..

Frankie signals to the cameraman to follow him, Frankie takes them in a back alleyway where a dumpster lies.

Frankie O'Donald: Look inside..

The cameraman walks over to the dumpster and opens the lid to reveal a bunch of hardcore weapons.

Frankie O'Donald: Hardcore heaven baby, haha! See?! You fans shouldn't worry about me.. suspension is pretty cool, I get to hang out with these guys!! And hey.. it always inspires me for my future you know..

Frankie takes out a spiked bat and a lighter.

Frankie O'Donald: Stay tuned...

Frankie sets fire to the spiked bat and walks away, the camera zooms into the flames as the camera fades.
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