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Coffee Time???

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Coffee Time???

Post  Helena Noir on Wed Apr 20, 2016 4:10 am

Helena Noir is seen wandering in the familiar hallways of the Madison Square Garden, looking all around has if she's looking for something.

Or someone. 

Helena Noir: "Alexander is nowhere to be seen... I know he's probably getting ready for his match, but I was really hoping I could have a word with him. I feel sorry for having to leave like that last monday, and I wanted to let him know..."

One can be wondering who's she talking with, as noone is around her, while she walks the same path we have seen her walking so many times, heading to the cafeteria. 

Helena Noir: "Do you think that maybe I owe him an apology? Even if it wasn't my fault? I don't know, I don't know much about this social convention, it's not that I have ever been sorry for what I've done..."

Is she really talking to herself? 

Helena Noir: "For Christ's sake, since I know for a fact that you won't stop following me, at least try and act as if you were useful... Give me an answer, I'm talking to you!!!"

Finally we realize who she was addressing, as she turns to the camera with an annoyed look. The guy holding it, with a trembling voice, mutters some words.

Cameraman: "I.. I am just a simple cameraman, I'm not meant to talk with you... 
Hell, you shouldn't even acknowledge my presence..."

The Queen Of Pain shrugs, cracking a bitter smile.

Helena Noir: "Hmm, I bet you're pretty used to it..
I mean girls not acknowledging your presence..."

Her harsh words make the poor cameraman gulp. Perhaps there's some truth in those words?
Anyway, Helena turns on her heels and walks once again towards her destination.

Helena Noir: "Nevermind, I will ask my good friend Tommy. I only hope he's not as busy as the last time.
And maybe, Alex will reach me there at some point."

All of a sudden, she stops her pace. The sight of the usually neat and crowded cafè turned into a warzone literally freezes her on the spot. All the tables and chairs have been piled on a far corner, creating room for a couple of workers who are changing all the glasses.
She quickly approaches them, the cameraman still on her tail.

Helena Noir: "What the hell happened here? Where's Dean? Shouldn't he be here watching you folks and making sure you don't *censored* up?"

One of the workers turns his head towards her. The look on his face is the one of who's about to put the insolent girl who just bothered him back in her place. It quickly changes though, as soon as he realize that Helena Noir is standing in front of him, and she's looking for answers. And quickly.

Worker #1: "I am sorry miss Noir, I don't know where he is, or wht happened. I am just doing my job you know?"

The other guy has something to add.

Worker #2: "I think he's in the hospital, after what..."

He abruptly stops, as his colleague, behind Helena's shoulder, motions him to cut it. The cameraman is probably doing the same, considering how the frame is shaking.

Worker: #2: "That's all I know, sorry. I should really get back to work now, the boss is on our asses... He wants this to be finished by the end of the day..."

The two men go back to work, whispering something at each other. Helena Noir turns and leave, without saying any other word. 
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