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Big Daddy Darkenliet calls out Kiareq

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Big Daddy Darkenliet calls out Kiareq

Post  Guest on Tue Apr 19, 2016 3:48 pm

The lights go down and a Air Raid siren goes off;  Red, White and Blue lights flash across the arena eventually centring on the ramp into a Union Jack spotlight.
London Calling by the Clash blasts out across the arena......

The huge man that is Big Daddy Darkenliet charges through the curtains wearing a Union Jack long leather coat and bandana. He raises his arms to a massive cheer from the crowd.
He charges toward the ring tagging all the fans on route from side to side like a zig zagging zeppelin.

He runs around the ring tagging all the ringside fans, then standing jumps up onto the ring apron and steps over the ropes and signals for a mike.

"Good evening people it's so great to be here tonight on this show with all you amazing people, let's hear some noise from the crowd."

The Crowd explode with cheers and start to chant BDD,BDD,BDD

"Tonight I'm not here drinking beer or eating wings, I have some business to attend to"

The Crowd start to yell what, what, what....

BDD roars to the crowd and slaps his belly psyching himself up, pulls the bandana of his head and throws it into the crowd revealing his shiny bald head and dangerous angry eyes, throws his coat off to the arena floor.

"Now BDD doesn't normally have a personal issue with people, I come, I fight, i entertain, drink, i eat and that's my night"

The Crowd explode with more chant's BDD,BDD,BDD

"I also won't hit girls but one lil kitty has been getting on my nerves of late, talking about nobility and how we are commoners, well I for one am proud to come from east London the commonest place on the planet, so Kiareq get your tiny self out here and bring a freind so iI can hit them."

BDD throws the mike to the mat and bounces ready for a fight


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