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What's the Special? 4: BBQ Burger with Potato Skins ft. Joe Dirt (mention: Esperanza)

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What's the Special? 4: BBQ Burger with Potato Skins ft. Joe Dirt (mention: Esperanza)

Post  Grave X on Mon Apr 18, 2016 5:54 pm

The camera shows Grave X walking into the cafeteria

A janitor is seen mopping up a puddle on the floor

As Grave X walks into the cafeteria, Esperanza walks up to Grave X

Grave X: Don't worry Esmeralda, I finally found the specials board.

X points to the specials board

Grave X: I'll just have one of those BBQ burgers, with the potato skins.

Esperanza shakes her head

Esperanza: No you won't.

Grave X: What did you just say to me? You can't refuse me! I'm a customer!

Esperanza: Oh yes I can. I went to the court a few days ago, showed evidence of what you've done to this place, and I got a restraining order on you! You're not legally allowed to come within the cafeteria! Ha!

Grave X: What did you just say to me, you little [censored]? You didn't actually get a restraining order!

Esperanza pulls a piece of paper out of her pocket

X looks at the paper

Grave X: What?! How could you, Esmarelda?!

Esperanza: Now then, I'm going to need you to leave. We have willing customers who want to pay.

X tears up the paper

Grave X: Ha! What're you gonna do now, Esmarelda?

Esperanza: You don't actually believe that was the only copy, do you?

Grave X: Listen, Esperanza, I wouldn't mess with me today if I were you. I don't have time for your games, so why don't you go and bother the dirt janitor over there?

Joe Dirt: I didn't do nothin' to you, you jerk. Leave me alone!

Grave X: Will you shutup? Esmarelda, I didn't get a match tonight, and I'm incredibly frustrated. So just let me eat before somebody gets hurt.

Esperanza: No!

Grave X: Esmarelda...

Esperanza blocks X trying to get in

Grave X: You've...left choice...

X kicks Esperanza in her stomach

X hooks her arms pedigree style, then lifts her up

X drops her onto her neck, crushing her against the concrete

Joe Dirt: What the [censored] are you doing?!

Grave X: Oh no...oh no...this isn't good...

X quickly runs out of the cafeteria

Joe Dirt: Ma'am? Ma'am? Medic! Quick, someone get the medic!

The camera fades to black
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