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RXN Week 4 // My RXN

Post  Guest on Mon Apr 18, 2016 12:29 pm

To be placed so that this leads into the main-event match with Alex.

The camera pans back to the arena, proud RXN fans in the view as they all throw their cheers and chants throughout the venue while the bright lights and graphics of the RXN show blaze along the screens and panels. With most of the matches and segments finished, it only leaves the main event left – the electricity in the air for the final bout of the show can easily be felt in the atmosphere, complimented by the excitement of the loud crowd.

With the view now circling around to the announce table, multiple fan-made signs can be seen being held up in the crowd, some of the more noticeable ones being “Don't Punish Frankie!”, “I’m as crazy as Noah!” and even “Setanta should NOT be King!”; it is clear to see that the RXN Universe has many opinions on all different superstars, making the main event all the more interesting which sees two of the top talents pitted against each other.

Andy Samberg and Ted Good smile towards the camera once it focuses at them, several fans behind the announce table throwing their arms up and cheering in an attempt to be noticed on TV.

Andy Samberg: Hello again RXN – it’s about that time! We’ve got your main event coming up next, the highly anticipated match between Alexander Svart and Setanta; The Swede vs The Jackal! I can’t wait, Ted.

Ted Good: I know, me neither, Andy! This is going to be quite the match, not to mention the specifics of it are just as intriguing. You’ve got a tall, lean bruiser like Alex and then a short, stocky striker like Setanta – I’m eager to see what kind of tactics these superstars come up with!

Andy Samberg: No doubt about it, these are two of the biggest stars around in RXN right now and there’s sure to be a lot of eyes on this match – and I say that, meaning both from the crowd as well as the locker room!

Ted Good: Oh, you know it; you can bet your house that the superstars backstage are going to be watching for ways to handle these two in the future. You’ve got Alexander Svart on one hand who’s faced some of the best in this company and won, continuously bumping his momentum up every time he arrives on the show. Then on the other hand, newcomer Setanta, as ruthless as he is cunning – currently undefeated in RXN and looking to extend that run tonight. I’ve gotta say, I think Setanta will take this one!

Andy Samberg: I don’t know about that one, Ted – my money’s on Alex, those elbows and knees of his are just devastating! He could practically knock you out of your shoes with the Dalecarlian Horse!

Suddenly, Throne by Bring Me The Horizon blares out from the speakers, Setanta’s titantron video blasting up on the screen, the crowd erupting in a sea of boos and disapproving heckles. Out from the stage, The Jackal appears with a sly smirk upon his face, walking out with his wrestling gear on, ready for his fight.

The British superstar has his trademark Jackal t-shirt on his torso, his black and white wrestling gear on his lower half, complimented by his hands and wrists wrapped in white tape. Stretching his neck to one side, taking a few steps forward, Setanta tilts it to the other side afterwards, a black microphone sits in his hand. Tapping the top of the microphone with his palm, the patting sound fills the air through the speakers, before he lifts it to his mouth while walking down the ramp slowly. As he is about to speak, his theme music starts to die down into silence.

Setanta: Well, well, well….Would you look at this? Your future King in the main event of the show for the second week in a row. Oh, you want another little piece of trivia? That’s three main event matches already in my lightning-quick, rising RXN career. Go figure. You can all boo me as much as you like, the fact remains that I, Setanta, remain the star attraction; the prominent figure; the best… Setanta grins deviously, stopping in his tracks gradually, letting the silence linger in the air for a brief moment, his eyes glaring right into the depths of the crowd itself. …the King.

Sounds of disapproval emit from the rowdy crowd, boos being heard from all directions at the smug words of the wrestler, a slight chuckle voicing from Setanta’s lips as he now keeps on moving towards the ring at his intentionally slow yet calculating pace.

Setanta: Every week I tell you what is going to happen at RXN: Special and every week you all boo in disbelief like it's not going to. You've got it all in your silly heads that for some reason, one of your beloved little fan-favorites are going to rise up and win that belt. That's a lovely thought, isn't it? However, let me hit you with something far more realistic: I am the one this company has been waiting for. I am the one to sit upon the throne of this brand and reap the rewards this company has grown. I…yes, I am the one with the hand that will grip around the singular, collective neck of the RXN Universe and strangle the disrespect out from its insignificant body.

Walking up the steels steps of the ring, Setanta walks along the apron and then enters the ring through the middle rope. Stepping towards the camera, Setanta fixes his eyes upon it with a strong glare of greed, piercing his gaze into the audiences watching from home.

Setanta: So when I become the RXN Champion, you can all drop to your knees and apologize – because whether you like it or not, you will respect me, my skill and after next week…my RXN.

Setanta smirks and tosses the mic out to the side of the ring so that it rolls to the outside, walking towards his corner while taking his top off and throwing it at the ref. Sitting up on the top turnbuckle, The Jackal rests his forearms on his knees while leaning forward slightly, waiting for Alexander Svart to come out for their match.


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