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In ring Interview (Open to mike hawks)

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In ring Interview (Open to mike hawks)

Post  BDR on Mon Apr 18, 2016 6:03 am

The camera pans around the hole arena to show all the fans cheering and waving banners around the place. Kids screaming and guys showing their fists to the camera as it pases by them. The camera then goes to ringside where Patrick Macht stands inside holding a mic. Wearing a blue suit with a cream color shirt and black boots. He waits as the fans  to simmer down a moment as he places the Mic to his mouth.

Patrick Macht:" Well ladies and gentlemen..welcome two RXN here tonight. Tonight we are going to have an interview in a little bit of a different way here tonight..and my first guest tonight is a rising star here, he is one of 4 men that will compete for the RXN CHAMPIONSHIP.. nature boy Junior..Brandon...FLAIIRRR!!"

The fans all scream as  Convoy theme song hits the P.A speakers. The fans cheer as the camera looks to the entrance of the arena. Soon a big Black truck cab is seen driving into the arena. The truck, honks the horn a number of times as the lights flash. The fans all chant -"BDR..BDR..BDR"..

Andy Samberg:" Wooh.I guess we are seeing what Brandon First started out his wrestling career in as Big Daddy Rig tonight. Not the flamboyant Brandon flair that we have seen in the past "

Ted Good:"That's right, this guy is a real life CEO of a very big truck company outside of the wrestling business, we know he did indeed drive trucks before he wrestled Andy and of course this was the bad ass side of Brandon when he first started out. Great to see it back i think.."  

Brandon climbs out wooing and jumps down from the cab wearing his blue jeans, red flannel shirt and a black leather half cut, with silver BDR written on the back. In his left hand he holds a number of red and white hats that he starts to throw into the fans, who go wild trying to catch. BDR smiles and wooh's to the fans and makes his way up towards the ring. He takes a mic from Andy and walks up the steel steps into the ring. In the ring he smiles looking around and runs jumping the ropes on the left to the right and hits a elbow drop in the middle of the ring before getting up and looking at patrick.

Patrick Macht:" Welcome to Brandon here tonight..Now Brandon, tonight you face Mike Hawks in this ring tonight, but next week you are indeed one of FOUR men who will fight for the RXN championship.?"

Patrick points the mic towards BDR.

BDR:"  Patrick..I dunno who the hell  this Mike or Mick dude is brother, But let me tell you this..tonight we are LIVE in one of the best, biggest, badasses of an arena  anywhere in the world brother..MADISON SQUARE GARDENS.."WOOOOH" Brandon does a quick flair strut around Patrick and stands beside him again as fans "Woo" and give loud cheers.

BDR:" You have asked about the fatal 4 way for next week? well let me tell you and ALL these people here -Bdr points his finger around to some of the fans and looks back at Patrick.- "Well like i told Mr.Hoffman earlier tonight..I have a 1 in 4 chance of winning that title..I know that the guys in that match have fought just as hard as i have to get to where we are right now man. But you know this business of professional wrestling, nothing is ever certain man, All we can do is go out here..all we can do is leave our blood, our lives,our bodies on the line for one of the biggest prizes in the business."

Brandon looks around and nods as Patrick moves the mic back to him.

Patrick Macht:" Well that is true Brandon, but what about tonight? what about the match with Mike Hawks? The new Guy to RXN?"

BDR laughs and looks into the camera. he points his finger towards it as he speaks

BDR:"MIKE HAWKS,I have no idea who the hell you are kid,you are not even on my radar right now..all that you are is a piece of dirt on the road to my decided to join in with the big boys of RXN,and someone decided to send you two school tonight when you face the man..B..D...R brother.."woo"

Partick Pulls the mic back and looks at Brandon

Patrick Macht:" Speaking of Bdr.. Can we ask why the sudden change for from the flamboyant, stylish nature boy look to this road hog look coming out in that wonderful looking truck right there?"

Brandon nods and looks down to the cab as the camera points at it, the cameras chance to a closer one now that moves around the big beast of a truck then changes back to the in ring camra.

BDR:" you know what Partick, its not all that hard, When i first started this is what i done, this is who i was, and still have been..just because i wear some of the best outfits, have the best business, have allll the best ladies "woo" looking for me does not mean that this outfit right here changes me..My girl Widow has asked me about this and i said to her, to hell with it why not..because the RXN title is coming on the line..and its not time for styling and profiling..but time for the hard hitting, figure 4 trailer scorpion holding crowbar swinging BDR to come out and wooooo fight for the best fights of his life ! AND MIKE IF YOUR BACK THERE BROTHER..WHY DON,T YOU, YOU COME ON OUT HERE..AND FACE..ME RIGHT NOW.SO I KNOW WHAT I AM DEALING WITH BROTHER.."

The fans all cheer BDR BDR as the two men wait for Mike to show up to the ring. After about 20 seconds there has no sign of the Mike to some boos ofthe fans. Brandon Laughs and shakes his head.

BDR:" Yeah that is what i thought Mike..tonight I guess we will meet face to face and tonight..wooo will be one hell of a night."

Brandon leaves the ring, throwing the mic in the ring as the fans woo him as he heads down the ramp and the camera fades.

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