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Am I Not Good Enough? (mention: Stitchaz, Management) {Please use before What's the Special?}

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Am I Not Good Enough? (mention: Stitchaz, Management) {Please use before What's the Special?}

Post  Grave X on Fri Apr 15, 2016 5:26 pm

The arena fades to a dark blue

"All the Rowboats" (Instrumental) by Regina Spektor plays

The titantron airs a clip of a match and a candle

Just as the match touches the wick, the titantron turns off

A light is seen in the center of the ring

The light is a candle and reveals the face of Grave X

Grave X: Good evening...

The arena erupts into boos

Grave X: Did I say you could speak?! No! Let me talk!

Grave X: Last week, management partnered me up with STITCHAZ! The man who I've not only constantly voiced my hatred of, but the man who I've also beaten numerous times! Does that give him the right to stand in the same corner as me? No! Stitchaz did not deserve to be my partner whatsoever. I've kicked his [censored] three times, not including last night. Here's the fourth decimation:

The titantron begins rolling

Grave X stands next to Stitchaz, as he is trying to stand up
Grave X is seen rubbing his head

Grave X kicks Stitchaz in the midsection, then hooks his arms Pedigree style. Grave X lifts Stitchaz up into a piledriver, and drops him on his head hitting The Burial!

The titantron turns off

Grave X: Remember that, Stitchaz? Remember that? Lifting you up, yet again, then crushing you down into the mat? Doesn't it seem like every time I'm near you, that happens? I think so. It's almost like deja vu at this point, isn't it? But, me crushing Stitchaz wasn't enough. STITCHAZ has a match this week, and I DON'T? Absolute [censored]! In fact, what AM I going to do this week? I have to destroy something every night, or else risk the unspeakable. I must hit something tonight. And since management isn't giving me a match, I'd just stay away from myself tonight, if I was anyone backstage.

Grave X: And management! I'm talking to you! You ripped me off of my match this week, which means next week, at the Special Show, I better get what I've been asking for all along...the No DQ match with Stitchaz.

Grave X: Until then...


He blows out the candle
Grave X

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Re: Am I Not Good Enough? (mention: Stitchaz, Management) {Please use before What's the Special?}

Post  Johnny Zero on Fri Apr 15, 2016 6:37 pm

I think you suck.
Johnny Zero

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