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Mike Hawk speaks

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Mike Hawk speaks

Post  Guest on Fri Apr 08, 2016 3:24 pm

The camera fades in as we see an unfamiliar person entering the backstage area.

He makes his way around the corner wearing casual street gear when Patrick Macht steps into view holding a microphone:
Excuse me are you lost?

Unknown Man: Actually yes...I am looking for the locker room.

Patrick Macht: I meant do you belong here?

Unknown Man: Does anyone truly belong anywhere?

Patrick Macht: Fair question, but I mean....

Unknown Man: I know what you mean; and yes I recently signed on with RXN.

Patrick Macht: Would you care to give your name?

The unknown man faces the camera with a smile as he speaks: I am Mike Hawk.

Patrick Macht: So what brings you to RXN?

Mike Hawk runs his right hand through his hair as his smile fades: I have been training for years to be the best at what I do....

Patrick Macht: And what exactly is it that you do?

Mike Hawk: For years now I have put my body through so much torture for one thing. To compete for the prize that everyone here in AXN/RXN covets. I am here to prove not just to the great fans of AXN/RXN but to myself as well that I am the best, no the Elitist superstar to ever grace this arena.

Patrick Macht: So its safe to say your goals are to become the RXN Champion?

Mike looks at Patrick with a confused expression: That is only the beginning. Why would I stop there? I want to do so much more then that. I plan to claim not only the RXN Championship but the AXN World Heavyweight Championship as well and unite them to be the Elitist Champions AXN/RXN has ever seen!

Patrick starts to speak once again but Mike holds his hand up as if to cut him off: Look I would love to spend hours sitting here talking the day away but I got things to do and I need to prepare before my match.

Mike then walks past Patrick Macht headed for the locker room as the camera fades to black.


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Re: Mike Hawk speaks

Post  Guest on Sat Apr 09, 2016 8:02 pm

UNRELATED RP [Can be used where ever needed.]

The camera fades in as we see Mike Hawk stepping through the front door a bar.

He makes his way across the room taking a seat at the bar where an older man is wiping down the counter.

Mike Hawk: A shot of Jack.

The bartender places a shot glass before him and pours the drink when Mike sets a $100.00 beside the bottle and tells the man to keep them coming.

Two guys seated down a few chairs stop talking and the closest man turns to look at the mountain of a man beside him: Woah, guess he is the bouncer....

Mike shifts his head towards the man: Just here to enjoy my drink.

The man holds both arms up as if under arrest: Easy Hulk, no need for hulk to smash....

Both men burst into laughter as they take a shot.

Mike ignores them as he also takes another shot.

The second man leans around his friend to speak: We are only kidding, seriously what do you do for a living?

Mike gives a slightly annoyed expression as he speaks: I Wrestle. Mike kills another shot.

Guy 1: Oh you mean your an Actor/Body Builder...

Mike turns a bit red in the neck and face as he slowly turns to face him once again: NO, I wrestle for a living. You know Fighting.

Guy 2: Oh so you mean in UFC? So you have a wrestling background...

Mike now clearly frustrated: No, I am not a UFC fighter, however I do fight just as hard as anyone in the Octagon.

Both men begin to laugh once again when a third guy sitting at a nearby table stands up and moves closer: Did I hear you right? You saying wrestling is the same as UFC?

Mike turns looking down a good foot to look the man in his eyes, suddenly the man gets intimidated and takes a step back.

Guy 1 stands and turns to face Mike: Look we all know wrestling is scripted. Long as you know how to smile for the camera and flex on que then...

Mike has had enough and slap Guy 1 hard across the face causing the man to fall back hap-hazardly against the bar as if he all but fainted.

Mike Hawk: Was that fake?

Guy 3: Hey, we don't want any trouble...

Mike smirks at him as he shoves the mans chest slamming him back first through the table.

Mike Hawk: Did that tickle?

Guy 2 jumps on the bar as he quickly grabs a bottle holding it out like a weapon at Mike.

Mike turns his massive frame to face him as he gestures with his hands while souting: Do it! Come on!

The man leaps off the bar smashing the bottle over MIkes head as the bottle shatters all around the man.

The guy now standing shoulder length to Mike now looking up in horror as Mike grabs him by the throat and lifts him off the floor before tossing him back first onto the bar.

Mike grabs another nearby bottle as he smashes that one over his own head never flinching as he stares at the man: Does this feel scripted?

The man screams out: OK! WRESTLING IS REAL!

Mike yanks the man back to his feet before shoving him to the side when he grabs the bottle he bought and kills half the bottle before setting it back on the bar. He pulls out a few more bills and lays it on the bar before he turns and exits the bar.

The camera fades to black.


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